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Alessandro Ruocco, celebrity stylist.

It is more than clear that fashion lives on trends. And that is why we always look for what is most popular these days. But along with the novelties of the season, some garments cannot be missing in your closet. This season, we had the pleasure of being able to talk with the Italian stylist, designer and a founder of WonderlandCapri, a boutique store in Capri - Alessandro Ruocco. Where, he shared with us about what's in for this 'Summer Fashion Trends'.

8 24Fashion TV stylist Alessandro Ruocco WonderlandCapri store 1609128256 jpeg

WonderlandCapri boutique where celebrities come to shop in Capri - Alessandro in the background

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Toilet Roll bag by Moschino

24FASHION.TV: What colors are stylish for this summer?

Alessandro: Neo-green a hybrid of rain-fresh spring green and cool, airy mintis set to be THE Premier Color of Spring/Summer 2020 and Beyond. It's easy to wear if you're tanned and goes very well with shocking pink, deep purple, and light denim.

What are the must-have for this summer?

This is a very peculiar summer. We all have been through a lot and affected by this global crisis. So the main rule should be "FUN". Accessories or anything that can catch someones attention and be a conversation starter with a stranger about what you're wearing! Do it fun, be you, and don't forget to make it chic.

8 24Fashion TV moschino summertrendsbyAlessandro Ruocco stylist designer 1608366453 jpg

Tighty-Whities bag by Moschino

What are your unique and trendy summer style essentials when you go out for dinner with friends?

I live in Capri, where it gets super hot. And nights out are pretty intense and wild. I always like to feel comfy, by wearing an oversized shirt. Its even better if it is a vintage Versace or Moschino shirt, denim "destroyed" shorts, and we cannot forget about rule #1, which is to wear comfy shoes (especially sneakers) because here in Capri you walk a lot. But if you're going to be dancing all night, you still need comfy shoes, but fashionable. 8 24Fashion TV moschino summertrensdbyAlessandro Ruoccostylist 1608365981 jpg

Moschino vintage shirt - summer trend by Alessandro Ruocco

8 24Fashion TV denim destroyed shorts summertrends Alessandro Ruocco stylist designer 1608366789 jpg

Denim "destroyed" shorts - summer trend by Alessandro Ruocco

8 24Fashion TV NIkeair Summertrends sneaker Alessandro Ruoccostylist 1608366123 jpg

Comfortable snickers - summer trend by Alessandro Ruocco

Where does Alessandro get his inspiration at the time of creating unique outfits or beautiful pieces?

In my younger years, I learned to always keep my eyes open, to wherever I go or feel. Inspiration may come from the most underestimated things, even from something "stupid" or ineffable. Now, I'm so into "camp" style; from the LGBTQI '80s 90s clubs till burning man festival clothes. I love art and emerging artists. At this moment, I am also into Caroline Weaver, she is a Canadian artist, she makes some crazy and cool paintings; about candies and other things. Try to check her out if you can. You will love her!

PS: This is one of the paints I am getting inspired by. And its colors are so in for this summer.

8 24Fashion TV Caroline Weaver candy painting 1608364268 jpg Candy painting by Canadian artist Caroline Weaver

By Alejandra De Leon,

Independent writer for

24Fashion TV

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