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Koche SS24. Paris Fashion Week

Koche Spring Summer 2024 during Paris Fashion Week.

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What is a fashion wardrobe?

For her Spring Summer 24 collection, Christelle Kocher delicately revisits what constitutes the very essence of her creative vision: an uninhibited, inventive fashion, whose sophistication builds bridges between popular culture and the excellence of craftsmanship. All in a purity of forms. Without overbidding.

A wardrobe is the concrete expression of a vision, a harmonious whole where every detail counts. We find in this collection this work on the blur, these tops embroidered with skilful geometries, these hand-painted lace, muslin, georgette..

This collection is an ode to femininity also embodied by the masculine, delicacy and vulnerability are in both locker rooms. There are also spectacular pieces such as these patterns of shirts and shorts painted by hand by Christelle herself, bringing together quotes from female artists that she carries in her heart such as Patti Smith, Virginie Despentes, Virginia Woolf, Celine Minard . All of these pieces are worn by boys. 

Christelle plays with stretch materials by combining everything with the most spectacular embroideries developed in the Koche studio in Paris. In the same way, she adorns jersey pieces with sparkling crystals and embroidery.

A wardrobe crosses the seasons and at the same time is renewed with the changing world, with its trends, its upheavals and its hopes.

The show this time takes place on a huge barge at the entrance to Paris. On one side you can observe the Seine and the beauty of its banks, on the other the Parc Andre Citroen as well as the aerial RER. This point of view where water, vegetation, concrete architecture, and public transport mix perfectly represents Paris at the crossroads of multiple influences.

Koch continually questions the place of fashion in popular culture. In an era where trends follow one another more and more quickly, fashion plays the role of time marker. Koche considers fashion not in terms of season but in terms of duration.

Make everything, every garment lasts longer. An ecology of production, and this will be a major challenge in the years to come.

This SS24 collection creates a bridge, linking the ease of casual clothing and the prestige of couture. Each silhouette reflects a precious know-how while offering comfort and ease to the silhouettes.

The essence of Koch is to bring together diverse communities, in a constant search for beauty and softness. This collection aims to be the closest to the origins of the brand, a perception of inclusive fashion that liberates minds instead of enslaving them.

From her life shared between Paris and New York, between the capital of elegance and that of pop art, Christelle Kocher invented an art of living of her time. 

This collection embodies a shift for Koche, a more peaceful vision of fashion, feminine and masculine, softer, more sensual, for day and night. 

A fashion that wants to last as much as shine.

Runway looks

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Text and Photo: Press Koche.

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Thanks: @ritualprojectsparis

By Senior Fashion Editor 24FashionTVChristina V Henningstad @christina_henningstad

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