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MARYLING Spring Summer 2022 – MFW 2021

The desire for adventure comes from the sea and returns there thanks to MARYLING style. For its Spring Summer 2022 collection, it reinterprets the nautical mood with its recognizable artistic flair expressed in an exciting way.

Rich, fertile imagery runs through a proposal, with a holiday mood that conveys the idea of setting sail and going out to sea. It interprets its most profound essence that smacks of determination, courage, and the ability to face life overcoming adversity exactly like Dame Naomi James, the first woman to sail solo around the world and a paradigm of character and style for women of the 21st century fearlessly in search of beauty.

This beauty comes directly from the sailboat, the image and soul of an inspirational collection that reworks traditional elements of a life at sea, transforming them into stylish details. It starts from the classic sailor uniforms whose versatile and timeless charm becomes an icon of sleek, contemporary style that is always perfect and knows no season.

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Patterns amplify the essence of everything.

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Bold prints are reinterpreted in abstract and geometric shapes and, inspired by the colors of flags, come in the unique and dazzling hues of the blue sky, yellow sun, and bright red.

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The precision of patterns borrowed from vessels from sail boats to cruise ships recalls Richard Estes' photorealism with the pictorial accuracy of his details and exceptional taste for vibrant nuances to explode on creations celebrating summer and designed by the brand. What's more, the triumph of color is enhanced by patchwork motifs inspired by blankets and tablecloths that fill everyday holiday life with their monochromatic check prints accentuated by splashes of green, cobalt blue, and tangerine.

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The imaginative result recalls the abstract expressionist landscapes painted in a macro version on Joan Mitchell's canvases.

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Day wear is captivating, with printed chiffon dresses in shades of pink and blue. Draping formed by bows and braiding stand out on dresses that are strikingly artistic yet perfect for everyday wear. Crisp cotton gives shape to dresses with roomy pockets accented with splashes of blue and orange. Knitwear, an ally of fashion-forward functional style, explores the classic sailor stripe in Intersil bodysuits made of silk, linen and cotton, with a skillful construction and flawless fit.

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