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Stamm SS24 at Copenhagen Fashion Week

Stamm SS24 Spring/Summer 2024 Collection at Copenhagen Fashion Week

Stamm was founded and launched in 2022 by the Danish designer Elisabet Stamm.

Stamm is a Scandinavian brand with an international outlook. The brand was announced as winner of the ZSA Zalando Sustainability Award upon showing its debut FW23 runways show during Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Elisabet describes her approach to the creations as 'truck poetry'. With a globetrotter family background, bright personality and a dreamy, visionary mind - Stamm's main characteristic is the dualism that can be found in different forms, such as strong vs sensitive, high fashion with a low-key approach, truck vs couture, calm vs dynamic. Diverse meetings, conversations are key to the brand, which is why 'exchange' has become an extension to the brand name.

A conscious and balanced mindset will evolve and contribute to a positive direction, this is key to Stamm

The unique designs are created for longevity and made with consciously sourced materials, of which origin, craft and general existence are carried forward with transparency and traceability.

Stamm incorporates materials and practices in the structure where crafted handmade, naturally processed Indian fabrics meet recycled man made fabrics an approach and expression of crossways. Stamm works only with RDS certified goose down filling and as a new initiative natural kapok fibre is introduced as filling. Stamm is on its journey set to bring purpose by crossways and scenarios that embrace an exchange and unity.

Runway looks

Photo: Press Stamm

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