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Stefan Djokovich. Couture collection F/W 2022-2023

Stefan Djokovich. Couture collection fall winter 2022 2023. Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week

Inspired by the gardens of Versailles, back in the days of the magnificence of the sumptuous feasts celebrated by the king there, Stefan Djokovich introduces us to a collection where each look has been designed as a surprise, like a walk that would make us discover the multi-faceted world of the royal gardens...Stefan Djokovic chooses for this collection a palette of delicate fabrics : Silk(muslin, duchess satin silk, lame) Organza, embroidery on tulle and organza. The Color palette mimics colors of the night/black with silver, gunmetal silver, dark metallic blue and the transition to light blue, light blue and pink, light pink, old gold, to finish with a royal wedding dress. 

The cuts are mostly corseted dresses, full lenght ball gowns, ruffles, feathers, embroidery with floral and nature inspired details, fitted fully embroidered dresses.The Hand made silk roses and branches with silver foil details and crystal details were done in the Serbian atelier of Stefan Djokovic . 

The light pink feather dress is made with 3000 hand made feather stitched one by one in order to created this flowing movement. Trianon is a journey into a small world made of groves, fountains, columns and statues, it is the light of the Sun King radiating a thousand lights from ballets and songs, with the sole purpose of the beauty of art... 

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By Fashion Editor 24FashionTV: Christina V Henningstad 

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