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The Garment SS24 at Copenhagen Fashion Week

The Garment SS24 Spring/Summer 2024 Collection at Copenhagen Fashion Week

Feminine and masculine energies unite in The Garments new collection. With a touch of the effortlessness that Sophia Roe and Charlotte Eskildsen always create in their clothing, the collection represents what it means to be a woman today. Its for the modern woman in the modern world for whom its possible to be both career-minded and embrace her femininity and sexuality.

The Garment's new collection is at the same time a continuation of the timelessness and minimalism that Roe and Eskildsen have been known for since they teamed up in 2020. They are known for their special way to compliment each other with an emphasis on the aesthetic details and craftsmanship skills that once again have lead to stylish pieces.

Roe and Eskildsen share a passion for craftmanship and a singular aesthetic. They have worked with the harmonious blend of minimalist design, muted colors, and organic textures. Creating a serene and calming atmosphere with focus on simplicity and balance. The collection shows delicate crocheted pieces, lots of hand-sewn and tailored clothes, and all with special design details. This time the bow plays a central part. As the ultimate symbol of the feminine, it leaps out in different ways and reappears in the many masculine silhouettes.

Once again, Roe and Eskildsen have delved deep into history and found surprising inspiration. From 19th-century headwear to the stylish trench coats of the 1980s. But especially the 1950s, when the woman stood in the kitchen with an apron on, and the man came home from work. It's the old gender roles in brand new garments. Its workwear clothing from a bygone era, which in the special minimalist universe of Roe and Eskildsen have been reinvented and styled for the modern woman, who dresses in a completely different manner and has a completely different purpose in life.

The SS24 collection was presented during Copenhagen Fashion Week at Thorvaldsen's museum. The art museum in the center of Copenhagen is one of the capital's most historic buildings, but at the same time an open-minded and democratic place that gives the zeitgeist space to be in motion. It is a place that signals intellectuality and beauty, and therefore it makes perfect sense for The Garment to present their aesthetic forever pieces for the modern, confident woman here of all places.

Runway looks

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