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ZIGGY CHEN SS24. Paris Fashion Week

Ziggy Chen Spring Summer 2024 during Paris Fashion Week.


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On the occasion of the Paris Fashion Week SS 24, Ziggy Chen presents: INADVERTENCY

For the Spring and Summer of 2024, Ziggy Chen continues his research into fabrics and shapes, presenting a

collection that revolves around the concept of spontaneity. A man with a relaxed and natural attitude who

dresses casually is INADVERTENCY. Naturalness is investigated by the designer through fabrics, colors and

details, with an eye towards comfort.

Ziggy Chen refers to the collage technique, for the exclusive print of INADVERTENCY, Covers of ancient books

and old pieces of fabric - coming from his private collection - have been cut and reassembled to give life to the

pattern of the SS 24. This print is combined with yarn-dyed fabrics or further treated with an over-dye, to

reveal a multidimensional trompe l'oeil visual effect.

The fabrics of the SS 24 collection are the result of careful experimentation. Various techniques such as yarn

dyeing, washing, over-dyeing and printing are applied to the fabrics made by playing with different types

and counts of threads, to create different thicknesses and textures.

The materials of the S524 reveal a sense of spontaneity, with an intriguing contrast between the male and

female parts of the collection. Linen, hemp and ramie for the men's section express a sense of simplicity, while

silk and viscose emphasize the drapes in the women's section.

New shades enrich the collection colours; alongside the characteristic mud browns and olive greens, we find

a faded blue, inspired by a Chinese workwear item from the 1940s, with a beautiful patina created by

decades of use.

Each element that characterizes the collection represents INADVERTENCY in its own way. With this collection,

Ziggy Chen carries on and deepens his vision of reality, like a flow that slowly progresses, revisiting the past

through the study and use of innovative techniques applied to fabrics, colours and prints.

On June 21st, from 4:30 pm to 7 pm CEST during the Paris Fashion Week, the collection is revealed to the public inpresence and digitally.

Runway looks

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Text and Photo: Press Ziggy Chen.

More on: @ziggy_chen

By Senior Fashion Editor 24FashionTVChristina V Henningstad @christina_henningstad

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