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Author Alfred Ryals Jr.’s New Audiobook ‘Dude’s Book of Testimonies’ Offers a Brilliant Discussion of a Man’s Faith, Sincerity, and Trust in the Creator

Recent audiobook release "Dude's Book of Testimonies" from Audiobook Network author Alfred Ryals Jr. shares real and honest testimonies from a man whose faith in the redeemer brought him strength and hope.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - August 5, 2022 - (

Alfred Ryals Jr., who was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, has completed his new audiobook "Dude's Book of Testimonies": an insightful and moving collection of stories grounded in one man's experiences in life. He talks about his faith and all the eye-opening encounters he's ever had. Through these written testimonies, he voices the matters of his heart and soul. 

Alfred Ryals Jr. shares, "This is a book of short stories based upon my real-life testimonies; I wrote some of them as stories and others as questions that I have had and answers that I received from Yah. I've had problems speaking in church and in public because I sometimes stammer and stutter when I speak, which makes me ashamed to give my testimonies verbally. So I decided that if I wanted others to hear my testimonies, I need to write them and have others read them or read aloud. I often read these stories. Even though these events happened in my life, they still give me hope and a feeling of joy because I know my redeemer lives!"

Published by Audiobook Network, author Alfred Ryals Jr.'s new audiobook is a thought-provoking opus that arouses inspiration and faith in listeners while looking into the life and faith of one man through his personal stories. 

Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of "Dude's Book of Testimonies" by Alfred Ryals Jr. through Audible, the Apple iTunes store, or Amazon. 

Audiobooks are the fastest-growing segment in the digital publishing industry. According to The Infinite Dial 2019, 50% of Americans age 12 and older have listened to an audiobook. This huge growth can be partly attributed to increased listening in cars, which surpassed the home as the #1 audiobook listening location in the 2019 survey. Smart speaker proliferation also bodes well for future listening growth and more mainstream listening. 

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Original Source: Author Alfred Ryals Jr.'s New Audiobook 'Dude's Book of Testimonies' Offers a Brilliant Discussion of a Man's Faith, Sincerity, and Trust in the Creator

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