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Transform the Little Voice Inside Into a Powerful Roar: Dr. Esther Zeledón’s ‘Creating Your Limitless Life’ to Be Released on September 15, 2023

\"Creating Your Limitless Life\" Dr Esther Zeledon

\"Creating Your Limitless Life\" by Dr Esther Zeledon

After migrating to the United States from Nicaragua as a young child, Esther Zeledón was destined to chase the American Dream. As a high achiever from an immigrant neighborhood, she ticked off each of the boxes on her checklist; graduated top of her class, received a scholarship to a prestigious college, completed a Ph.D. from UC Berkeley, had a career as a diplomat, and started a family. Everything suggested that her struggles had paid off and she had made it. Yet, she knew something was missing- alignment.  

That was when she became limitless.  

Find out how Dr Esther Zeledón went from burn-out to embracing the boundless life she now leads when Dean Publishing releases "Creating Your Limitless Life" this Hispanic Heritage Month on September 15, 2023 (9/15/23). Designed with the high achiever in mind, this inspiring book is a guide to awakening the extraordinary possibilities that await inside everybody no matter who they are or where they come from. With Esther's incredible story and her three-step approach, "Creating Your Limitless Life" is a roadmap to living an authentic life full of joy.

"I wrote this book because I've seen so many people, myself included, get trapped in these societal molds that crush our spirits and leave us feeling anxious, depressed, and without clarity about who we are or what we want," says Esther. "Even worse, we perpetuate the cycle by passing those same pressures on to others. We don't stop to listen to what others really want or need, causing us to question ourselves and place our purpose and true legacy on the back burner. My life's purpose is to unlock the full potential of individuals as they uncover, pursue, and financially support their missions, visions, and purposes. I want them to embrace their inner voice rather than fear it." 


"Creating Your Limitless Life" presents a transformative three-step approach, empowering high achievers to transcend societal expectations and navigate the challenges of balancing ambition with personal fulfillment. Drawing from Dr. Esther Zeledón's experiences as an immigrant, entrepreneur, and diplomat, this book challenges conventional norms, highlighting the significance of active self-listening. Through practical tools and real-life case studies, readers are guided to listen and not fear their inner voice so they can uncover their purpose, craft a personalized roadmap, and cultivate resilience. Going beyond traditional self-help, this book equips individuals with the necessary resources to achieve clarity on their next steps, unlock their boundless potential and embrace a truly fulfilling life.  

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Original Source: Transform the Little Voice Inside Into a Powerful Roar: Dr. Esther Zeledón's 'Creating Your Limitless Life' to Be Released on September 15, 2023

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