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Brightburn sequel on the way

Brightburn sequel on the way

A sequel to 2019’s Brightburn may be coming soon as part of a new label from The H Collective, the studio behind the horror flick.

A sequel to 2019’s Brightburn may be glowing yet again, as word has emerged that the production company behind the James Gunn-produced movie is moving forward with another installment.

As per Deadline, The H Collective – which produced Brightburn – is launching a new label called H3 Entertainment, which “intends to incorporate new technology into the production process of projects it has in development, including a sequel to horror movie Brightburn.” Such technology includes the use of artificial intelligence, Metaverse and Web3.

While the idea of using artificial intelligence and the like may put off some moviegoers, the company has assured that they will aim to “respect professionals and fans while promoting responsible technology integration.” In a time when artificial intelligence has done its part to slow down the movie industry with both the WGA and SAG-AFTRA striking, this is certainly a bold announcement to make, even if it does signal where aspects of the industry could be headed…

So, what do we know about the sequel to Brightburn? Well, nothing other than that the reality of it seems to be assured – that it’s practically buried within The H Collective / H3’s announcement, though, does show they might be more focused on the overall goal. But considering it did have a bit of a following and blended the horror and superhero genres as so few movies before it have attempted, that some sort of news has popped up is promising for fans. After all, James Gunn had been discussing a sequel soon after the first one’s release.

In addition to Brightburn, The H Collective also produced 2019’s The Parts You Lose, 2021’s The Wrong Turn and more. Upcoming titles through H3 include “a TV series about the highs and lows of the crypto trend, The Classic of the Mountains and the Seas, Shadow Song, about the emigration of Jews to Shanghai during WWII, and family movie Prince Of The Seas.”

Adding to their statement, H3 said, “Incorporating new technologies into our workflow is about enhancing and complementing, not replacing the human touch in filmmaking. Our primary commitment remains with our skilled workforce. We are determined to use technology to assist, not overshadow, the irreplaceable human touch in cinema.” Now we have to wait to see how the Brightburn sequel will incorporate such technology.

Would you be down for a Brightburn sequel? What would you want to see if it really comes to fruition? Give us your take in the comments section below!

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