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Dawn of the Dead remake’s Inna Korobkina launches podcast Rise Up & Fix It

Dawn of the Dead 2004’s Inna Korobkina and producing partner Ingrid J. Monday have launched a podcast called Rise Up & Fix It

Inna Korobkina played the pregnant woman Luda in director Zack Snyder’s 2004 remake of the George A. Romero classic Dawn of the Dead (watch the Snyder version HERE) – the character who gave birth to a zombie baby in one of the most popular and disturbing scenes in the film. Nineteen years later, Korobkina has launched a podcast called Rise Up & Fix It, which she hosts with her producing partner Ingrid J. Monday.

Korobkina is described as being “a granola eating, tree hugging mom of two”, while Rise Up & Fix It is said to center on “spirituality, creativity, and female empowerment.” Listeners are invited to join Korobkina and Monday as they “delve into the power of female creativity and modern feminism.”

The first episode of the weekly podcast was released on June 30th. Season 1 of the show is now available on all platforms and features the hosts “sharing stories and lessons from their own creative journeys, in the hopes of inspiring their listeners to dream big.” Production on season 2 will begin on July 19th, and that season promises to “feature fascinating guests who will be adding their unique expertise to the message these two creative women have set out to share.”

In addition to Dawn of the Dead, Korobkina’s credits include The Ladies Man, 1-800-Missing, The Newsroom, Riding the Bus with My Sister, Beautiful People, Angela’s Eyes, Across the River to Motor City, The Border, Let the Game Begin, Cra$h & Burn, 24, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, and the Steven Seagal action film Driven to Kill. She also did voice work on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and voiced the character Shest’ in the Far Cry 6 crossover with Stranger Things.

The Rise Up & Fix It website can be found HERE. “Rise up to the challenges life presents you with, live a creative existence filled with deep human connection and a fulfilling contribution to society.”

Are you a fan of Inna Korobkina’s work, and will you be checking out the Rise Up & Fix It podcast? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Ingrid J. Monday is also the author of the book The Secrets of Becoming a Boss Bitch With a Heart of Gold: How to Recover from Heartache, Trust in Your Superpowers, and Live the Life You Want Now! Copies are available on Amazon.

Rise Up & Fix It

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