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Escape IT: JoBlo Experiences the Las Vegas Escape Rooms

Joblo experiences the IT Escape Room in Las Vegas!

The World of Stephen King is vast, and as all of his constant readers know, ‘All things serve the Beam.’ And one of King’s most creepy, unsettling, and popular novels is It, which has had a mini-series adaptation from the ’90s and two recent film versions directed by Andy Muschietti. One of the more inventive interpretations of this story has come in the form of two distinct escape room experiences.

Situated not far off from the glitz and glamour of the Las Vegas Strip, an unsuspecting building holds what may be the ultimate experience in escape rooms and pushes these attractions to a new level. JoBlo was lucky enough to fly down to Sin City to participate in the unique puzzle world of Escape ITNow, we won’t be spoiling any of the puzzles or the experience as a whole, but if you wish to be completely surprised, head to the bottom of this article to purchase your tickets. Trust us; it’s worth it.

Based on both of Muschietti’s films, the escape rooms for It Chapter One and It Chapter Two provides different experiences in terms of setting and style related and influenced by each of their respective movies. These both transport brave souls into Derry’s chilling and unsettling world but provide something unique and different for each chapter. I did part two first, which didn’t hinder my experience of It Chapter One. This is something I should be clear on. No matter which one you pick or do both together, these experiences have a contained and fulfilled story arc, so you don’t necessarily need to do the other to feel complete.

The ambiance and look are meticulously designed to replicate the eerie atmosphere of everything Derry. For instance, part one starts you off in the sewers within the sanitation control room, while part two puts you right into the infamous dinner scene at the Jade Of The Orient Chinese restaurant. Each of these keeps to the locations within the movie but expands to explore new and familiar areas of the story. Whether it be the hall of mirrors, Beverly’s childhood home, or the abandoned Neibolt Street house, it’s impressive how well the details are here and how well things are handled in terms of logic.

It escape rooms

Escape IT acts as a haunted house and escape room with a touch of Disney World flair. There are times when the environment reacts to a puzzle, or the deep fog in the sewers is interpreted by Pennywise running up the long corridor to scare you into the next room. You get some well-placed and detailed animatronics and an intense and encompassing sound design to give you that horror-movie feel.

I was very impressed by how much this escape room subverted expectations. The puzzles were hard enough to be a challenge but never to the point where I felt annoyed, yet the world interacted with us and kept the thrill of always being in danger, always being chased that kept a forward momentum. No matter the chapter, you were always right in the center of the action.

It escape rooms

For fans of the It series, Escape IT provides a nostalgic journey through the movie’s key moments while delving into some new locations like the sewers where Pennywise roams. Participants interact with props, settings, and elements that pay homage to the original source material. Whether it’s encountering a replica of the Neibolt Street house or solving puzzles involving the Losers’ Club hideout, both escape rooms offer a deep sense of connection for those familiar with the story while being more than an average escape room. It is an interactive horror experience.

If I had to pick one over the other, I found It Chapter Two more exciting (more action-packed) though in terms of atmosphere It Chapter One was more unsettling. So they both give you a slightly different vibe depending on your mood. There is something here for everyone. But If I were to go back, I’d want to do them both as they both gave enough of a different experience to warrant both adventures. It was one hell of a great time, and with as much as there is to do in Vegas, Escape IT is definitely something I’d add to your list. As far as horror attractions go, this one is top-notch.

To purchase your tickets in advance, as reservations are required, go HERE!

It escape rooms
It escape rooms
Our very own John The Arrow Fallon about to face Pennywise

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