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Fixed: Idris Elba, Adam Devine, Kathryn Hahn lead voice cast for R-rated Genndy Tartakovsky movie

Fixed: Idris Elba, Adam Devine, Kathryn Hahn lead voice cast for R-rated Genndy Tartakovsky movie

Idris Elba, Kathryn Hahn, and Adam Devine lead the voice cast for Fixed, an animated R-rated comedy from Genndy Tartakovsky.

Genndy Tartakovsky, the man behind Hotel Transylvania, Star Wars: Clone Wars, Dexter’s Laboratory, Primal, and Samurai Jack, is in the midst of production on Fixed, an R-rated animated comedy that has landed a great voice cast. Variety reports that Adam Devine, Idris Elba, and Kathryn Hahn will be leading the project for New Line Cinema and Sony Pictures Animation.

Fixed revolves around Bull, “an average dog who discovers he’s going to be neutered in the morning. As the gravity of this life-altering event sets in, Bull realizes he needs one last adventure with his pack of best friends as these are the last 24 hours with his balls.” Genndy Tartakovsky told Variety that “some people might get uncomfortable,” but added that “if you can look past the balls and the buttholes, you will find a very sweet, charming, sincere story of friendship and romance.

Adam Devine will voice Bull, with Idris Elba voicing his buddy Rocco and Kathryn Hahn voicing Bull’s love interest Honey. Producer Michelle Murdocca said, “When Kathryn decided to do it, she told us: ‘I want to be just like the guys. I don’t want to be the sweet girl in the background who doesn’t have any depth to her. Make her a little raunchier.’ Hiring her made this character come alive.” The rest of the cast includes Bobby Moynihan as Lucky, Fred Armisen as Fetch, Beck Bennett as Sterling, River Gallo as Frankie, and Michelle Buteau as Molasses. “I have been doing this for 30 years and when you find someone who knows comedic timing as a voice actor, it’s everything. It makes our job so much easier,” Tartakovsky said.

In a world full of elaborate 3D animated movies, Fixed will be proudly 2D. Genndy Tartakovsky called Fixed a love letter to Bugs Bunny, Tex Avery, and 1950s Disney movies, adding that they were “able to secure animators we never thought we would be able to get. That’s when it became very exciting.” Although Tartakovsky has dipped his toe in adult animation before, he has spent most of his career doing television for a younger audience. For those projects, he could never cross a boundary, but for Fixed, “everything had to be over that boundary.” No matter how raunchy Fixed may be, Tartakovsky just wants to make the audience laugh. “Comedy is the hardest thing, always, but in animation, you create it from nothing,” he said. “It’s why I got into it. I could draw a little stick figure running, my friends would look over my shoulder and laugh. It’s such an amazing illusion.

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