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How Do We Measure the Grief of Love Lost? – Multiple Award Winning Screenplay and Teaser Film by Actor Rex Dane Explores the Catastrophic Effects of Romance Unrealized

Shiva’ – An Unfinished Love Story…

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Screenwriter and SAG-AFTRA actor Rex Dane is looking for producers and directors interested in moving his screenplay to the screen and casting him in the lead role. A modern Hollywood romance between a dying movie star and a hopeful makeup artist, “Shiva” tells the story of two people struggling to connect across a gulf of loneliness and the terrible secrets buried in a troubled past. “I sent my written work to some Hollywood screenplay specialists. They said it sucked, that I am a bad writer, non-writer, that I should study screenwriting,” he says.

“I sent ‘Shiva’ to multiple production houses but no one was willing to even read the synopsis because I was not a professional writer,” Dane explained. “One production company told me that you either have to be a writer who has already sold some screenplays, or you have to know someone within the company office. Well, with no connections anywhere, there really was no hope of that. So I switched gears and started sending the screenplay out to screenwriting competitions and film festivals. I couldn’t believe what happened after that.” The screenplay received 15 awards including 10 wins and 5 nominations.

“Then people started liking the idea but when I say I want to play the lead, they back off,” he says. “There is no way they will cast me, a ‘nobody’. I was told the film cannot be sold with my face on the billboard.”

To showcase the potential for a future feature film based on the screenplay, Dane created a short teaser film for “Shiva” where he served as producer, director, and lead actor.

Dane’s performance in “Shiva” quickly generated international attention after the trailer based on it earned multiple awards including Best Actor at the Rome International Movie Awards, Best Actor at the Heart of Europe International Film Festival, Best Actor at the World Film Carnival in Singapore, Best Microfilm at the Vegas Movie Awards and many other honors.

Although ‘Shiva’ has already achieved amazing success in its short life, it really is a story that almost wasn’t,” said Dane. “I moved to the USA in 2017 to pursue acting and I didn’t know anyone in this town. I couldn’t get any acting gigs, my agent dropped me, and I was working multiple jobs driving and picking up dirty plates at restaurants just to pay the bills. I was told there was no work for unknown actors – no parts to be had. And that’s when I thought: If I can’t find a part for myself, I’ll write one.”

Though a work of fiction, his screenplay has shades of his own life. “No other actor can play the role of Shiva better than me,” he says. The ingredients seem right, we know how Hollywood loves the underdog to winner stories. Will the stars shine for this one?

Interested parties are welcome to reach out to Rex Dane for more information on “Shiva.”

About Rex Dane

A Los Angeles-based actor, Dane developed an early interest in screen acting as a child in India. Moving to the U.S. to pursue his dream, the SAG-AFTRA member is the writer and director of the award winning “Shiva” – a romantic drama inspired by a true story. In addition to exploring his passion for film acting, Dane also enjoys pursuing other activities including random acts of kindness. Learn more about him and his work at: REXDANE.COM.


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