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Interview: Fast X director Louis Leterrier on Hobbs’s Return, working with Statham, Diesel & more!

We interview Fast X director Louis Leterrier about the franchise’s future, his relationship with Statham and more.

Long before he ever signed on to direct Fast X, director Louis Leterrier was an expert at staging cinematic mayhem. After all, this is the man who made Jason Statham an action star in the first two Transporter movies and directed the best English-language Jet Li movie, Unleashed (aka Danny the Dog). He also made one of the first proper MCU movies (The Incredible Hulk), the smash hit Clash of the Titans remake, and Now You See Me. So, when Justin Lin quit the franchise, Universal needed someone who could jump in and pick up the pieces quickly, and Leterrier did such a good job he’s already been signed to direct Fast X – Part 2.

In our exclusive interview, Leterrier discusses the franchise’s future, including what he knows of the Hobbs-centric spin-off. He goes into the fact that the plan had always been to include Dwayne Johnson’s Hobbs, somehow, into the film and how his cameo came out. He also discusses what it was like jumping onto such a massive production mid-shoot and how he put his own stamp on the film. He also recalls what it was like reteaming with Jason Statham, who he hadn’t directed since 2005’s Transporter 2, and how both their approaches to filming action scenes have changed significantly in twenty years. He even teases what he can about the late Paul Walker’s continuing involvement in the franchise and how the last scene for Fast X – Part 2, which is meant to end the franchise, has already been written.

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