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Joe Russo claps back at Martin Scorsese’s hatred of comic book movies

Joe Russo claps back at Martin Scorsese’s hatred of comic book movies

Joe Russo has fired back at Martin Scorsese over the director’s scorn for comic book movies by boasting about box office numbers.

Martin Scorsese has been on a tear against comic book movies for quite some time now, blasting them for not being “cinema” and expressing terror that future generations will think that men in capes are what movies are. Now, one of the faces of the comic book movie movement, Joe Russo (of The Russo Brothers) has clapped back at Martin Scorsese, using his schnauzer as a weapon.

In an Instagram video posted a few days ago, Joe Russo – who co-directed Captain America: Winter Soldier and Civil War as well as Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame with brother Anthony – seemed to be throwing some shade at Martin Scorsese, particularly a recent video of his own that showed him directing his dog, Oscar, to express different emotions. In Joe Russo’s video, set up as a reaction to Martin Scorsese’s post, he says, “Aww, look, he’s got a schnauzer, I love schnauzers…And his name is Oscar, that’s really cute, Oscar.” At that point, the framing pulls back to reveal Russo’s own pooch, prompting him to say to it, “All right, come on, Box Office.” In other words, Marty may have an Academy Award but Marvel puts more butts in seats.

While Joe Russo’s video may not be malicious (or is it…?), there is still a bit of a battle between the likes of Martin Scorsese (and Francis Ford Coppola and Quentin Tarantino and…) and big-budget Marvel-esque fare. And while we love Marty, he has undoubtedly instigated much – if not all – of it. It was really only a matter of time before one of the prominent players from the other side responded.

Looking at numbers, as of publication, Scorsese’s latest, Killers of the Flower Moon, has pulled in about $85 million worldwide. By comparison, that’s the sort of take that some of the lowest-grossing MCU movies can pull in on opening weekend…domestically.

What do you think of Joe Russo’s video response to Martin Scorsese? Is it in good fun or do you think he might be fed up with comments such as his? Give us your take on the matter in the comments section below.

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