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Meg 2 director wants shot at Godzilla, King Kong movies

Meg 2 director wants shot at Godzilla, King Kong movies

Meg 2 director Ben Wheatley is ready to take his giant animals to land, as he has expressed interest in the Godzilla and King Kong franchises.

After exploring the world of mega sharks, it only seems natural to want to delve into kaiju and giant primates. And that’s just what Ben Wheatley, the director of Meg 2: The Trench, hopes to do some day, displaying an admiration for the likes of Godzilla and King Kong, two of the biggest and baddest beasts to walk the planet.

Meg 2 director Wheatley recently told Screen Rant that not only did his sequel take inspiration from movies like Jaws – the movie that essentially launched sharksploitation – but also those within the Godzilla universe. “I take a lot of influence from [Jaws]. And then I really love the kind of 70s Godzilla stuff, then Shin Godzilla, and the current cycle of legendary Godzilla movies. It’s all that stuff…” When asked specifically if he would want to direct a Godzilla or even King Kong movie, Wheatley bluntly said, “Yeah, of course. That’s one of the great series of movies that’s around. They’re always good; I always enjoy them. Definitely, there’s unfinished business for me with giant monsters. I’ll definitely return to that if I’m allowed.”

Whether or not Wheatley is “allowed” may partly depend a lot on how Meg 2: The Trench does at the box office. It opened with $30 million, which was enough to chomp at Oppenheimer but still considerably less than the original. That first movie was nominated for the Worst Remake, Rip-off or Sequel Razzie as a Jaws knockoff and, based on reviews, Meg 2 could follow suit.

Neither Godzilla nor King Kong has been featured in a major motion picture since, well, Godzilla vs. Kong (2021). But they will stomp their way back to theaters with Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire, with Adam Wingard returning to direct. As for Meg 2‘s Ben Wheatley, he might continue finding inspiration from the 24-hour Godzilla channel on Pluto.

Do you think directing something like Meg 2: The Trench sets you up to continue exploring giant monsters on the big screen? Do you think Ben Wheatley would be a good choice to direct an entry in either the Godzilla or King Kong franchises? Give us your take below!

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