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SAG-AFTRA Strike: A deal between the actors’ union and the AMPTP may finally be reached soon

After intensive negotiations have taken place over the weekend, the unions and the studios have taken the Monday for a short break before the week.

Although the writers in the WGA have been able to walk away with a deal, the actors at SAG-AFTRA hold steadfast while their negotiations are ongoing. A source tells Deadline that the strike from the actors’ union, which has crossed well over the 100-day mark, is presumably about to make its way to the finish line. The senior studio source stated, “There is a feeling of optimism. Looks like we’re in the final stretch.”

SAG-AFTRA president Fran Drescher sent a message out to their members saying, “Over the course of the weekend, we have discussed all open proposals, including AI, with the AMPTP. Both parties will be working independently Monday and re-engage on scheduling at the end of the day.  Join us and flood picket lines in the morning. Make your voices heard.” However, a new update says that intensive talks between SAG-AFTRA and AMPTP have decided to take Monday to step back.

The official SAG-AFTRA social media account would post a Halloween-themed tweet about their picketing update for this week. The tweet reads, “Check out our chilling weekly picket schedule, featuring two spine-tingling highlights: Solidarity Screamfest in New York, 10/31 and Day 111 Unity Picket in LA, 11/1. Let’s show them that our spirit of solidarity is unbreakable! #SagAftraStrong

The AMPTP has threatened that if it turns out they cannot reach a deal this week, they will not continue any negotiations until the beginning of next year in January. In response, prolific actors at the actors’ union, including Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jon Hamm, Sarah Paulson, Chelsea Handler, Christian Slater have responded that they would rather continue picketing for the rest of the year than to agree to an unfair deal from the studios. Recently, A-list names such as George Clooney, Emma Stone and Robert De Niro have attempted to use their position as the higher-paid members of the union to put up their own money over three years to remove the cap of union dues so the struggling actors can receive their benefits first. Drescher would thank their contribution, but revealed that it ultimately did not meet the needs of negotiations as their plea “does not impact the contract that we’re striking over whatsoever.”

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