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Sky Monster trailer puts a creature in the air over the Bermuda Triangle

A trailer has been released for the Bermuda Triangle creature feature Sky Monster, the latest from director Tyler-James

Tyler-James stays busy – so busy, it seems like the saying “Another week, another Tyler-James project” might soon be accurate. We’ve heard about multiple Tyler-James movies recently, as the filmmaker has produced the films that turn the popular nursery rhymes Mary Had a Little Lamb and Three Blind Mice into horror stories, and directed both The Loch Ness Horror and Monsternado. Also directed by Tyler-James is the upcoming ITN Distribution release Sky Monster, and a trailer for the film can be seen in the embed above. We don’t yet know exactly when Sky Monster is going to be released, but take a look at the trailer and find out if this looks like something you’d want to watch.

Coming our way from Jagged Edge Productions, the company that was behind Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey, Sky Monster was scripted by Tom Jolliffe and has the following synopsis: A magnetic force pulls a small plane into the Bermuda Triangle, now a group of friends find themselves stalked by a beast.. in the clouds.

Betsy-Blue English (Prankz), Sarah T. Cohen (A Small Light), May Kelly (Nutcracker Massacre), Sarah Alexandra Marks (Kill Kane), Stephen Aaron-Sipple (Cuckoo), Matthew Baunsgard (The Area 51 Incident), Evangelina Burton (Toothfairy 3), Ryan Davies (Da Vinci’s Demons), Jack Ilco (Honey Trap), Peter Jeffries (The Rise of the Beast), Daniel Jordan (Bane), and Chrissie Wunna (Dinosaur Hotel) star.

Mary Had a Little Lamb received a DVD and Digital release on October 3rd, Three Blind Mice got its DVD and Digital release on October 17th, and The Loch Ness Horror will follow suit on November 7th. Then we’ll be getting Monsternado, which is not to be confused with a Sharknado, the following week.

In addition to these movies, Tyler-James has thirty-three different projects in various stages of production and has completed work on the directorial effort Crocodile Swarm. The filmmaker’s previous directing credits include Dinosaur Prison and the mermaid horror film Deadly Waters.

What did you think of the trailer for Sky Monster? Will you be watching this movie, and are you interested in the Tyler-James filmography? Let us know by leaving a comment below… and while you’re scrolling down, take a look at these pieces of promotional art:

Sky Monster

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