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The Matrix: Breaking Down the Iconic Bullet Time Scene

The Matrix: Breaking Down the Iconic Bullet Time Scene

We take a deep dive into one of the most iconic movie scenes ever – the bullet time sequel in The Wachowskis’ The Matrix.

Of all the iconic imagery to come out of movies in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, there are perhaps none more iconic than the incredible “Bullet Time” scene in The Matrix. This scene has been referenced, ripped off, and even credited as a revolutionary moment in filmmaking history. The Wachowskis created a method for showcasing the amazing speed of a spinning bullet, while also slowing it down so much that we witness the tack-sharp reflexes of our movie’s hero- Neo, played by Keanu Reeves. The scene required green screen compositing, over 100 cameras, and even digital effects to pull off, but the result was worth the trouble. 

The bullet time scene has been a standout piece of every Matrix film and, of course, with special and digital effects getting better and better, some of the effects used in the original film have aged less gracefully than we would’ve hoped. But when it comes to this particular scene, the sheer brilliance and innovation that went into making it are enough to overlook even the most dated of visual effects. The Wachowskis underwent several different tests and attempts to achieve this level of slow motion, even going as far as to make the attempt to shoot the entire scene practically before introducing any digital effects. The filmmakers reportedly went through several dollies and different steady cam rigs in the process which came directly out of the film’s limited budget.

It’s also been said that Keanu Reeves was dealing with an injured spine at the time of filming this scene which made for an uncomfortable shoot for the beloved actor as he was forced to hold a position with his back parallel to the ground for multiple minutes at a time. This scene would be an important one for Keanu as the bullet time scene was the selling-point for this movie. The ability to track a bullet through the air at a snail’s pace was the Wachowski’s entire demonstration for the movie. In the end, the bullet time sequence went on to be one of the most recognizable and dazzling moments in film history.

After The Matrix was released in 1999, the film’s bullet time scene had been referenced over 20 times before the sequel was released. It’s safe to say that all filmmakers from all genres and corners of Hollywood can appreciate the revolutionary nature of this impressive scene as we discuss in this episode of Scene Breakdown, which is written, hosted and edited by Kier Gomes. Check the video out above and watch more episodes here!

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