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Travel back in time! Binge-watch our docu-series 80’s Horror Memories

Travel back in time! Binge-watch our docu-series 80’s Horror Memories

If you’re looking to take a deep dive into the greatest decade of horror movies ever, make sure to check out our 80s Horror Memories series.

We’re 10 episodes in our docu-series 80’s Horror Memories (a new episode goes live every Monday on our JoBlo Horror Originals channel), and we still got heaps to go. So if you love horror and the 80’s then I would like to invite you to binge-watch our series right HERE.

On a personal level it has been a pleasure producing this mammoth endeavor alongside Producer Berge Garabedian, show-runner Mike Conway, narrator Tyler Nichols and our army of talented writers and editors. And I’d also like to take the time to thank the fine folks at Dark Delicacies for letting use their space for our interviews and of course all of the talent that have appeared on the series thus far to share with us their horror memories from the glorious decade that was the 80’s.

I’m talking the likes of: Greg Nicotero (The Walking Dead), Darren Bousman (Spiral), Steve Johnson (Ghostbusters) Craig Perry (Final Destination), Doug Jones (Hellboy), Eric Red (Body Parts), Patrick Lussier (Scream) and Sandy King (Ghosts of Mars). You can expect new guests to surface in the series as me move forward.

Here’s our series synopsis:

It’s been over 40 years that the decade that shaped the horror movie industry began and having lived through most of those years personally, we at JoBlo/Arrow in the Head have decided to create a documentary series in which we not only cover every nook and cranny of the biggest horror themes from 1980 to 1989 but also what was happening in the world at the time. Join us as we walk down Horror Memory Lane.

You can check out some of our earlier episodes below and again, you can watch them all HERE!

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