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5.1M Couples Use AI Platform to See Their Future Baby in 2023

ALEXANDRIA, Va., Dec. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Baby Face Generator, an AI-backed online platform launched three years ago, has assisted over 9 million users worldwide in envisioning their future baby. In 2023 alone, 5.1 million couples utilized the service, according to data from This usage underscores a growing interest in artificial intelligence technologies.

Baby Face Generator is based on AI and face recognition technologies, and works on any device, in any browser. The platform enables users to predict their future baby’s appearance by uploading photos of both partners and adjusting pre-generation settings such as the baby’s gender and skin tone.

Beyond its primary function of showing what a baby will look like, offers additional tools: a name generator that suggests names for boys or girls along with their meanings, a profession generator to envision modern careers for the future child, a built-in catalog featuring over 200 celebrity photos for baby generation (ranging from movie stars and singers to athletes and popular YouTubers), and a parenting wiki with a variety of articles and guides for new parents.

What sets the platform apart as a leading baby generator in the market is its technological sophistication. Baby Face Generator doesn’t merely display a random baby image. Instead, it analyzes over 70 facial features from the uploaded photos and employs a generative AI engine to create the baby’s face, a process that can take up to 20 seconds.

Baby Face Generator is currently available in 10 languages (English, French, German, Turkish, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and Hindi), making it a global AI platform for baby generation. The top five user countries are the United States (48%), the United Kingdom (8%), Turkey (5%), Canada (4%), and Australia (3%).

The Baby Face Generator research and development team notes significant interest in AI technology and is planning to release updated generative AI algorithms in Q1 2024. These advancements aim to expedite the baby generation process and enhance accuracy even further.

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