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Climax Foods Inc. Launches Climax Blue Plant-Based Cheese for U.S. Foodservice and Retail

New Zero-Compromise Specialty Cheese Made from Plants is Endorsed by Michelin Chefs

BERKELEY, Calif., March 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Climax Foods Inc., a new, food tech company dedicated to creating superfoods and ingredients that are made from plants yet indistinguishable from and at price parity with their dairy counterparts, today announced the launch of the very first offering in its line of zero-compromise, specialty cheese alternatives. The new, groundbreaking line of cultured and aged, plant-based cheeses includes Climax Blue, the company’s landmark offering, as well as soon-to-be-launched brie-, feta- and chevre-style, offering the same indulgence as dairy cheese without the environmental impact.

Climax Blue is rolling out to U.S. foodservice operators in April, and later this year will be available to grocery and specialty retailers. The company and its products have generated excitement from Michelin chefs and, beginning in April, will also be incorporated into menus at top restaurant throughout the U.S., including 3 Star Michelin-rated Atelier Crenn in San Francisco and Celebrity Chef Matthew Kenney’s Plant Food + Wine in Venice Beach, Calif., LIORA in Baltimore, and VEG’D in Costa Mesa, Calif. Climax cheeses are expected to hit more Michelin-rated restaurants later this year.

“I am very impressed by Climax Food Inc.’s masterfully crafted specialty cheeses, which are made from plants but indiscernible when compared to the finest dairy-based cheeses,” says Chef Dominique Crenn of Atelier Crenn in San Francisco. “We are committed to providing unparalleled quality and flavor in every dish we create and are equally as conscious about our ingredients’ impact on the environment. I appreciate that Climax aligns with our values on many levels, and I believe our guests will be delighted by their products. Climax Blue is one of my favorites, it is soft, buttery and surprisingly rich—beyond imagination for a vegan cheese.”

Matthew Kenney, celebrity chef, entrepreneur, author, and educator specializing in plant-based cuisine, adds, “Climax Foods Inc. represents what I have been waiting for after 20 years as a plant-based chef. The impact of incredible tasting with addictive textural characteristics, which are uncompromising and satiating foods, made solely from plants, cannot be over-emphasized in the future of consumerism. Not only are these alternatives to traditional dairy products critical to the wellbeing of the environment, health, and food security. Ultimately, these products are superior to dairy in terms of taste, texture flavor and Integrity.”

Oliver Zahn founded Climax after spending more than a decade as a science leader. Born and raised in Bavaria, Germany, with a fond appreciation for its animal agricultural roots, he did his doctoral studies at Harvard and later led UC Berkeley’s Center for Cosmological Physics alongside two Nobel Laureates. After years of studying the intricacies of space and time, Zahn’s desire to drive positive global change inspired his career in data science and as a thought leader at Google and SpaceX before starting Climax. Zahn explains that Climax uses a new, more efficient way to harness the full potential of plants and transform them into an equally craveable version of the foods people love—while being more nutritious, affordable, and environmentally friendly.

“We are tapping into the rich diversity of the plant kingdom in a way that no other company has done before to create foods that are better in every way, and at scale,” comments Zahn. “Moreover, the passion and excitement for Climax cheeses’ great taste by some of the world’s most celebrated chefs is especially meaningful as we look to look to grow our brand, and surprise and delight fans with every bite.”

Better for you and the planet, Climax specialty cheeses feature the same protein content as dairy cheeses but healthier fats, and contain no fillers, gums, artificial colors, or preservatives. They are made from clean, sustainable, non-GMO ingredients. Additional tasting notes and launch details include:

  • Climax Blue—This signature, plant-based blue cheese is streaked with a natural and flavorful blue-green veining and is a good source of protein that features 5g of protein per serving. It is well-rounded, with a creamy, fudgy texture, and offering fruity and nutty notes balanced by a warm peppery finish. A versatile option that shines on sliders, can be crumbled in salads, mixed into dressings, and stands out on cheese boards.

Climax’s team of food scientists applies predictive analytics and AI to make it possible to understand on a microscopic level what makes animal-based foods so delicious to recreate their texture, flavor profile and nutrition density. Its proprietary, deep intelligence platform helps simplify and increase the speed and scale of production, making Climax cheeses more affordable and economic than their premium-priced competitors.

Where to Try It
Climax Blue will be available for sampling at the upcoming Natural Products Expo West, booth #N1013, in Anaheim, Calif., March 8-10, alongside limited quantities of the company’s future offerings. 

“We’re committed to satisfying taste cravings wherever people are dining, whether at a 3 Star Michelin restaurant or in the comfort of your own kitchen,” adds Zahn.

For more information about Climax Foods Inc., visit For purchasing, please contact [email protected] or call (510) 224-5036.

About Climax Foods Inc.

Climax Foods Inc. is a leading maker of superfoods, ingredients and specialty cheeses that are made from plants, yet indistinguishable from their animal predecessors. The company was founded in Berkeley, Calif., in 2019 by Oliver Zahn, an astrophysicist and a data scientist lead at Google and SpaceX before starting Climax. Aimed at driving positive change on a global scale, Climax is disrupting the plant-based food industry with a proprietary platform which utilizes machine intelligence and predictive models to simplify and increase the speed and scale of production, optimizing flavor, texture, nutrition, and price. For more information about Climax Foods, visit

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