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CureMeet launches the BPM Program with Dr. Puneet Rehani, to relieve and prevent back pain forever

SAN FRANCISCO, July 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Dr. Puneet Rehani has transformed the lives of many across the world with his innovative Back Pain Management (BPM) program. Dr. Rehani says that the BPM program is the crux of 16 years of his experience based on the case studies of thousands of patients successfully cured by him.

Trusted by international athletes, celebrities & founders of unicorn companies globally, be it chronic back pain or a specific spine condition, they say that BPM is the only program in the world based on the concept of ‘Active Cure’ i.e. to make everyone an expert in curing their back completely. The program’s focus is to make a person independent and aware when it comes to keeping the back healthy and happy forever.

Dr. Rehani defines the BPM program’s aim as to not only cure spine issues but also serve as a wellness program to keep back issues at bay. It is a unique combination of back exercises progressively arranged and designed in a way that enables the patient to identify and cure any kind of back pain for life. Driven by a passion for helping others and armed with a wealth of knowledge, Dr. Rehani has finally come up with CureMeet to make this spine healing treatment affordable for all.

This 21-day meticulously planned program is a handheld process that takes the patient through the entire journey of curing their back. A 25–30 minute video is to be followed daily and as one goes through the levels, the healing of the spine and reduction in pain can be felt. Many even say that by the time Level 7 is reached, the body’s flexibility and mobility is somewhat like that of a child. 

The success stories attributed to Dr. Rehani are nothing short of extraordinary. Patients who were once told they would never walk again are now leading fulfilling lives, thanks to his in-depth knowledge and ground-breaking methodologies. His BPM program’s holistic approach has not only transformed their physical abilities but also reignited their sense of hope and purpose.

With a visionary like Dr. Puneet Rehani, the future of physiotherapy appears brighter than ever, offering hope and improved quality of life to countless individuals in need.

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