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Heze Peony International Communication Forum to Be Held on April 9, Sharing the Story of Peony with the World

Heze Peony International Communication Forum to Be Held on April 9, Sharing the Story of Peony with the World

HEZE, China, March 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Heze Peony International Communication Forum will be held at Huimengtai of Heze on April 9, hosted by the Publicity Department of the CPC Shandong Provincial Committee and the China Foreign Language Publishing Administration.

Peony is beautiful, dignified and graceful as the most typical business card of the ‘Chinese Capital of Peony’ — Heze, a famous tourism brand of Hospitable Shandong and a cultural symbol rich in Chinese characteristics to be promoted worldwide. Themed ‘Creating a Chinese Cultural Identity and Sharing the Story of Heze Peony with the World’, the forum aims to promote the international communication of Heze peony and build a peony culture platform for strengthening mutual exchange, multi-industry integration and the city’s influence.

According to The News Office of the People’s Government of Heze, the forum is mainly composed of ‘1+6+N’, where ‘1’ refers to a themed forum. Important guests will be invited to exchange new thoughts, ideas and judgments from different angles and dimensions on the world’s pattern and make the voice of China heard. ‘6’ refers to the six segments of the forum, namely the exhibition of achievements, the opening ceremony, keynote speeches, round-table seminars, the signing ceremony of ‘Cultural Communication and Innovation Cooperation Base – Peony Culture International Communication Center’, the launching of the initiative of peony garden construction overseas. ‘N’ refers to a series of activities such as observation trips before the forum, themed seminars, media reports, foreign internet celebrity and influencer trips, ‘Peony Tea Party’ for international friends. Various activities will be closely combined with the peony and special industries of Heze. The guests and reporters will be invited to have an immersive experience of the peony garden, survey the peony industry and visit the special exhibition halls.

The international forum will promote the shaping of an international peony brand and the international communication of peony culture. The CPC Committee and government of Heze have attached high importance to the event, going all out to promote the preparations for the event. Heze will warmly welcome guests and visitors from around the world and invite them appreciate the charm of the ‘Chinese Capital of Peony’.

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SOURCE The News Office of the People’s Government of Heze

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