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SANTA MONICA, Calif., July 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Finally! After 3 years, Hawkefest is back! After a three-year hiatus, the highly anticipated return of Hawkefest is sure to revolutionize the retail and ecommerce conference status quo. Hawkefest, which is already known for its unique take on a conference or trade show format, is back after the COVID-19 pandemic and has teamed up with FounderMade Innovation Show West to bring an epic event to Santa Monica, California this October. The collaboration of these two marketing titans promises to be even greater than their past showcases, with an exclusive guest list, celebrity spotlights and an exciting theme yet to be revealed.

The possibilities are endless as we recall past events and celebrity speakers. From the 2019 Hawkefest at The Houdini Estate with professional illusionists to Foundermade’s Innovation Show East’s track record of celebrity guests including Ciara and Serena Williams, there is no telling what these two will show us next. With brands like Shopify, PopSugar, Sephora, Urban Outfitters, The Honest Company, Snapchat, and more in past attendance alone, it is sure to be one of the most exclusive and anticipated events of the year.

The theme for the event will be unveiled in the weeks to come on Hawke Media’s social channels so make sure you don’t miss out on all the updates. Confirmed keynote–supermodel and entrepreneur Miranda Kerr will be attending the event and speaking about her luxury cosmetics brand KORA Organics.

At Hawkefest, you will have the chance to witness the union of two influential international brands – Hawke Media and Foundermade – creating an unforgettable experience for all. At the event, you gain access to exclusive speakers, innovative products, networking opportunities, entertainment, and the chance to mingle with Hawke’s esteemed brands like Casamigos, Red Bull, Crocs, K-Swiss, and many more. Hawkefest, originally created by the CEO and Founder of Hawke Media, was designed to bring an entirely new look to the traditional conference experience. Hawkefest is about learning from the best, meeting great people and having fun. These are the 3 pillars that drive the event.

Erik Huberman recalls his motivation for the inception of the event series, “Hawkefest was born out of a burning desire to revolutionize the traditional conference experience. The motivation behind Hawkefest is to ignite a fire within every trailblazer’s heart, propelling businesses to new heights and inspiring innovation like never before.”

Hawkefest and Foundermade join forces to curate an exceptional event celebrating entrepreneurial pioneers. Together, they provide invaluable opportunities for entrepreneurs to connect, learn, and unleash their business ideas to the world.

Defying conventions, they inspire forward-thinking ideas and amplify their impact. Apply now for your chance to attend this industry-defining experience!

About Hawke Media:

Established on the idea that every modern business needs a CMO-level expert to lead marketing efforts, Hawke Media specializes in custom, data-driven, performance- focused solutions to help launch, scale, and invigorate businesses of all sizes, industries, and revenue models. Founded in 2014 by Erik Huberman and Tony Delmercado, Hawke Media is one of the nation’s fastest-growing marketing consultancies. Hawke Media brings excellence to clients like Red Bull, Proactiv, Alibaba, Barstool Sports, and more.

About Foundermade:

FounderMade is a future-minded media company, with a focus on best-in-class content and experiences, created specifically for brand innovators of tomorrow. Our ecosystem provides access to brand and solution discovery that propels your business forward — from pre-revenue to enterprise. Internationally recognized, FounderMade is the destination virtual & live platform for consumer businesses to activate accelerated growth.

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