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New “Aging Backward, Growing Forward” Podcast Delves into Longevity, Healthspan & Optimal Performance with Eric Casaburi

New “Aging Backward, Growing Forward” Podcast Delves into Longevity, Healthspan & Optimal Performance with Eric Casaburi

Anti-Aging, Longevity, and Fitness Trailblazer Shares Biohacking Tools for Better Health in His New Series

ORLANDO, Fla., Oct. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Leading health and fitness entrepreneur Eric Casaburi, who has advanced the health and wellbeing of individuals everywhere through his fitness and anti-aging brand empires, announced today the introduction of Aging Backward, Growing Forward. The new podcast, which features dynamic monologues by Casaburi and interviews with prominent guests, challenges traditional medical practices and social media health trends while introducing audiences to freshly innovated and proven methods to help hack the human biochemistry and improve their individual performance and healthspans.

Casaburi, founder of Retro Fitness and Serotonin Centers, brings over 25 years of fitness and anti-aging expertise to this weekly show that dives into the intricacies of maximizing health, performance, and lifespan. Along with a lineup of influential guests, Casaburi discusses practical solutions based on science, data, and experience so audiences can begin expanding their knowledge and improving their wellbeing one topic at a time.

“Today people have tools that allow them to take control of their own health and wellbeing. As a serial entrepreneur in the fitness and longevity industries, I have had the opportunity to witness the successful health journeys of thousands. Now, I’m excited to connect with a wider audience to provide insight that will help guide even more people on their journeys toward an improved life,” said Casaburi. “Aging Backward, Growing Forward taps directly into the greatest minds the industry has to offer and gives listeners a broader knowledge on how to lead healthier and longer lives. From the personal trainer to your favorite superheroes to the field’s leading physician for sleep and performance, the guest list is spectacular. It’s the type of show where you’re going to want a notepad when you listen – trust me.”

The first four episodes of Aging Backward, Growing Forward are now available on all podcast platforms, including YouTube, where viewers can enjoy a high-res video format of the show. These first episodes offer the audience a baseline understanding of the topic matter the podcast series will explore, with initial topics focused on the key tools to slow down your biological clock, the foundations of fitness, the basics of nutrition, and a guide to optimal sleep.

The lineup of guests in the show’s early-going includes:

  • Fitness and celebrity training guru Don Saladino. Saladino has helped the likes of Ryan Reynolds, John Krasinski, Anne Hathaway, Sebastian Stan, and many more look the part in their respective roles in the Marvel and DC superhero films. In a conversation with Casaburi, Saladino discusses the foundations of fitness and how to motivate someone toward their fitness goals.
  • Physician and sleep psychiatrist Dr. Meeta Singh, MD. Dr. Singh provides over 15 years of expertise of sleep disorder diagnosis and treatment to assist everyone from professional athletes to college students improve their wellbeing through sleep. With Casaburi, Dr. Singh breaks down the benefits of sleep and how listeners can take small steps toward sleep optimization to create a big impact on their overall health.
  • Lead hyperbaric medicine and oxygen therapy provider Dr. Scott Sherr, MD. Dr. Sherr has spent over 15 years integrating cutting edge therapies and technologies implementing Health Optimization Medicine (HOMe) and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) to a wider audience. In his upcoming episode with Casaburi, the two discuss the advancements in hyperbaric oxygen therapy and how paired with supplementation, can assist the brain and body heal itself more efficiently from the inside.

Casaburi’s hope is that his series will positively impact the national conversation surrounding the mental and physical benefits that stem from placing a heavier focus on managing one’s own health and biological clock.

“We really need to step away from trying to treat diseases, but focus on keeping people healthy and productive,” said Dr. Singh. “You want people to live longer and healthier. I want to thank (Eric) for increasing the awareness and knowledge that’s available.”

To learn more about the show and begin listening, head to

Eric Casaburi’s entrepreneurial spirit and love of fitness and health have flourished since the age of 13, beginning with his first job at a local gym. Casaburi founded and held positions as Chief Executive Officer for multiple franchise brands each having successful exits and successions with impressive returns for investors and private equity partners. Possessing the courage, energy, and fearlessness to fuel a small army, Casaburi opened his first business at the age of 23 and launched his first franchise, Retro Fitness in 2004, which he grew into a $150,000,000-a-year business giant with over 150 Retro Fitness gyms serving over 500,000 members. In 2021, in order to reverse the decline and plateauing of his audience’s health, Casaburi launched his latest venture, Serotonin Centers — the nation’s first anti-aging and human longevity franchise brand. Serotonin Centers has four open locations in Florida, Tennessee, and New Jersey, with several under construction and 60+ separate franchise locations in development across the country. For more information about Eric Casaburi, head to For more information about Serotonin Centers, visit

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