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Renowned White Collar Criminal Defense Attorney Jay Surgent Joins the Criminal Defense Team Representing Reality Stars, Todd and Julie Chrisley

PARSIPPANY, N.J., July 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Renowned criminal defense attorney Jay Surgent from the Weiner Law Group headquartered in Parsippany, New Jersey announced today that he and a team of lawyers within his firm are joining the legal defense team, as legal consultants, representing reality T.V. stars, Todd and Julie Chrisley as they continue to work through the appellate process in efforts to overturn their prison sentence received in the federal district court in Atlanta, Georgia now pending on appeal in the United States Court of Appeals For the Eleventh Circuit. Mr. Surgent has represented many high-profile clients and is no stranger to high profile cases. When asked about his recent entry into the case, Mr. Surgent commented, “We have reviewed this case extensively and we truly believe there were several serious and critical errors in this case including the in-court testimony of a government witness and IRS agent. Additionally, the prosecutors, during the trial, received information that the Chrisleys did not owe taxes that the government was alleging and telling the jury were still unpaid. The prosecutors did not turn this information over to the defense and did not inform the Court that their witness had misled the jury. We believe that a serious injustice occurred, and that this sentence must be vacated. The Chrisleys should be awarded a new trial. We are here to join an already stellar legal team which includes Alex Little with Burr Forman LLP in Nashville. We plan to all work together to right this incredible injustice.”

Mr. Surgent has successfully represented numerous famous clients and his presence in this particular case could mark a major turning point in the current litigation. When asked about his involvement in this high-profile case, Mr. Surgent stated, “Todd and Julie Chrisley have maintained their innocence from the very beginning. The Georgia Office of Inspector General released a report regarding this case. Within this report there are details in which they uncovered significant issues with this case that were occurring from the very beginning of this process including alleged abuse of power and actions by the prosecutors and investigators within the Georgia Department of Revenue. The report uncovered that ‘Department of Revenue employees falsely alleged that the Chrisleys were involved in terrorism or money laundering in order to obtain the Chrisley’s financial information.’ This process arose from the very misguided and unethical attempt to target the Chrisleys because of their celebrity. These tainted and unjust actions that began at the state level continued as they were prosecuted by the federal authorities, ultimately preventing the Chrisleys from receiving a fair and just trial. We intend to effectively advocate on their behalf to restore justice and restore their freedom.”

ABOUT THE FIRM: Weiner Law Group, LLP., offers a wide range of legal defense services and represents a broad spectrum of clients – from startups to Fortune 100 companies, insurers to public entities and real estate developers to individuals and families. With six offices located in New Jersey and New York City, they are a premier law firm with tremendous background and experience.

Jay Surgent can be contacted at 973-403-1100 or [email protected]

Access the Georgia Office of Inspector General Report: https://oig.georgia.gov/document/document/2021-09-21roi-20-0032-i-amendedpdf/download.

SOURCE Weiner Law Group LLP

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