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Soul Machines Combines ChatGPT And K-Pop With the Launch of Mark Tuan’s GPT-Enabled Digital Twin

“Digital Mark” is the first celebrity to attach their likeness to GPT

SAN FRANCISCO, July 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Soul Machines, the groundbreaking company pioneering the creation of autonomously animated Digital Celebrities in partnership with Mark Tuan, a world-famous rapper, singer, songwriter, model, and member of popular K-Pop group GOT7, announced the launch of “Digital Mark.” The launch is the first time a celebrity is attaching their likeness to GPT, enabling tens of millions of Mark Tuan fans and social followers to have unique one-on-one conversations with his Digital Twin about virtually any topic including his music, career, interests, and future projects.

Combining Soul Machines’ patented AI technology with OpenAI’s GPT integration, Digital Mark will be autonomously animated, enabling him to interact and respond to fan questions in real time. Soul Machines brings its Digital People to life via a “Digital Brain” that can engage and simulate human behavior, creating the most “digitally-alive” avatars possible today.

“I’m excited that my fans will meet and talk with Digital Mark, and through him get to connect with me on a new level,” said Mark Tuan. “I’ve long been interested in emerging technology, especially when it comes to innovative and exciting ways to engage with my fans. I’m also thrilled that through my new Digital Twin, I’ll soon be able to talk to my fans in multiple languages, which will help spread my music even further across the globe.”

With the launch of Digital Mark, Soul Machines and Mark Tuan are reinventing fan engagement and brand partnerships by providing a direct line to celebrities via their digital personas. Soul Machines created Digital Mark using its proprietary deep-tech research and advanced motion capture technology to replicate the exact likeness, facial movements, and mannerisms of Mark Tuan. While Digital Mark is available in English, in late 2023, Soul Machines will add additional language capabilities starting with Korean and Japanese.

“As our artificial intelligence technology continues to push the boundaries of individualized engagement at scale, it’s exciting to work with forward-thinking partners like Mark Tuan who understand how technology can help elevate their brand and their fan engagement to another level,” said Greg Cross, CEO of Soul Machines. “While Digital Mark is the first Digital Celebrity Twin of its kind, we’re only at the beginning of how autonomous animation will reshape how individuals across the globe interact with celebrities and brands.”


Soul Machines, founded in 2016 by tech entrepreneur Greg Cross and Academy-Award winner Mark Sagar, brings generative AI and large language models to life in the form of autonomously-animated 3D Digital People. Leveraging groundbreaking AI Cognitive Models, Soul Machines democratizes the creation of Digital People, empowering a creator community of innovators who are rethinking the way we work, play, and engage digitally by creating astonishingly lifelike and “alive” Digital People. Soul Machines’ Digital People deliver highly personalized brand experiences for global enterprises including Heineken, BankABC, Morningstar, and The World Health Organization, while also redefining entertainment and fan engagement through Digital Celebrities, including Carmelo Anthony, Jack Nicklaus, and Mark Tuan. A 2023 Microsoft Azure AI Partner of the Year, Soul Machines adds a uniquely immersive element to human interaction to elevate personalized brand experiences and open new paths for celebrities to engage with their fans in the digital worlds of today and tomorrow. For more information, visit

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