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Wilder and Doing Things Launch The Audio Game: A New, Adult Party Game That Let’s the Cards Do the Talking

Now Available at Target, this New, NSFW Party Game Brings
Pop Culture’s Most Hilarious Audio Clips to Life

MONTREAL, June 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Wilder, the brand turning the hottest trends into playable experiences, and Doing Things, the company behind some of the Internet’s most popular brands and shareable meme content, today announce the launch of The Audio Game, an adult party game that brings pop culture’s most hilarious audio clips to life via QR coded cards. Now available for consumers, The Audio Game combines the internet’s most viral sound clips from the Doing Things portfolio of popular meme content with classic setup and response card gameplay with one major twist: these cards talk.

Players start by choosing a setup card with a crazy but relatable scenario, which includes everything from “my thoughts when I’m sitting in a meeting that should have been an email” to “when I’m stalking someone on social media and accidentally like their post”. All players then look through their audio reply cards to find a soundbite that captures it perfectly. With over 350 hilarious audio clips from TV, social media, and IRL to choose from, players have an endless supply of pop culture clips to land their jokes. The audio clips span more than ten years and include everything from everyday sound effects to viral TikTokers to infamous Vines. Each card also includes the actual quote plus a note on the tone so players know exactly how each quote will land – whether excited, sweet, confused, angry, or anything in between.

The real twist is that the cards do the talking for you, with laugh-out-loud audio that makes each reveal funnier and wilder than you ever could. Simply download the free app on the App Store or Google Play and use it to quickly scan the card’s QR code to instantly hear each viral audio clip play in all its glory. Players vote on a winner for each round, with the first player to win five rounds winning the game.

“With the introduction of audio we are bringing a whole new dimension of humor to party games. The team at Wilder worked their butts off to get this project off the ground and it’s gonna make waves” said Casey Karls CEO & co-founder of Wilder. “We’re constantly innovating gameplay with immersive and interactive elements that challenge the impossible and what better way than with talking cards.”

The Audio Game also includes several customizable, fill-in-the-blank style cards that let you tailor the setup to a person of your choosing – whether a mutual friend, someone in the room, or a celebrity – providing personal-to-you humor. This allows every game night to be totally different based on the people and personalities playing and makes for endless replayability of the game.

“At Doing Things we are always looking for new ways to extend our brands through content, as well as fun and immersive experiences offline,” said Reid Hailey, CEO and co-founder of Doing Things. “Our collaboration with Wilder to launch The Audio Game is a great opportunity to turn our content into a fun, new type of game for consumers.”

The Audio Game, which includes 90 setup cards, 360 audio reply cards, and 8 voting tokens, is now available in stores and online at Target (MSRP: $29.99, 3-8 Players, Ages 17+). For more information, visit

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