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From underwater beauty to private collectors’ investment portfolios: the success story and growth of Alex Sher

Alex Sher’s Artistic Vision Captures Underwater Beauty, Inspiring Investors and Art Enthusiasts Worldwide

Renowned fine art photographer Alex Sher has gained international recognition for his captivating depictions of underwater beauty and his unique celebration of feminine sensuality. With a career spanning several decades, Sher has evolved his artistic practice to explore various styles, resulting in a body of work that appeals to investors and collectors alike.

Alex Sher Signature artwork-Steps_
Steps by Alex Sher

Sher was born in Ukraine in 1962. His love for photography blossomed at a young age. After graduating from Kyiv University in 1984, he temporarily abandoned his scientific career to volunteer for disaster recovery at the Chernobyl nuclear plant. This experience left an indelible impression on Sher, shaping his artistic journey and instilling in him a deep appreciation for every breath, much like the sensation he feels while working underwater.

Sher’s early exhibitions in the 1990s marked his emergence as an artist, but it was a stolen piece from an exhibition in Kyiv that revealed the significant value his works held for the public. In 1995, Sher and his family immigrated to the United States, where he continued to refine his craft.

In 2010, Sher embarked on a new chapter in his career, delving into underwater photography. Combining his background as a biologist and his passion for ocean diving, Sher fell in love with the Pacific Ocean and the rich ecosystems of the California Coast’s extensive kelp forests. His artistic evolution has seen him transition from scientific-styled marine wildlife photography to figurative fine art and monochrome black and white works. His latest innovation seamlessly blends the figurative with the abstract, captivating viewers with its unique allure.

Alex Sher_s Boot at The LA Art Show
Alex Sher Exhibition at The LA Art Show

Since 2015, Sher’s work has attracted widespread interest, leading to exhibitions in prestigious venues such as the Louvre Museum in Paris, as well as major cities like London, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. In 2016, his first solo show took place at Los Angeles’s esteemed Bruce Lurie Gallery, and two years later, his photo book “Mermaids” was published, showcasing his talent and vision. With six solo shows, numerous group exhibitions, and participation in prominent art fairs, Sher’s career has soared to new heights.

Alex Sher’s exceptional photography has garnered him numerous awards and accolades. From the Best Photography 2016 award by Bruce Lurie Gallery to inclusion in the Hot 100 of 2021 by YourDailyPhotograph.com, his talent has been widely recognized. He has also been honored in the Monochromatic Awards 2022 and Color Awards 2022 by Dodho Magazine, and at the renowned Beverly Hills Art Show, where he secured first place in both the Photography and Originality Categories. Additionally, his work has graced the pages of 26 renowned journals, further establishing his artistic prowess.

Alex Sher preparing for the photoshoot
Alex Sher preparing for underwater photoshoot in the open ocean

With a growing number of art lovers and collectors showing great interest in his work, Alex Sher’s photography career is on a steady climb, solidifying his reputation as an artist well worth investing in. The year 2022 proved to be a pivotal one for Sher, marked by numerous fairs, publications, and accolades. Notably, his sales volume has doubled each year since 2020, accompanied by a steady rise in prices, indicating the increasing value his art holds.

Art Market Magazine, in its celebration of Sher’s works in 2022, proclaimed, “Sher’s advancement of his own style while actively progressing the medium proves his mastery of the techniques and the embodiment of a one-of-a-kind artistic vision. The result is striking images that display the human form in beautifully unexpected ways.”

“Reflections” by Alex Sher
Reflections by Alex Sher

Currently based in Los Angeles, Sher is represented by Touchon Gallery. His upcoming personal exhibition, titled “Underwater Reflections,” is set to officially open on June 10, 2023, from 6 pm to 9 pm at the Roth & Taylor Fine Art Gallery in Los Angeles. This exhibition will showcase a diverse selection of works from various series, including “Red,” “Black,” “Blue,” and “Ballet,” along with his latest series, “REFLECTIONS,” which challenges the boundaries between figurative and abstract art.

As Alex Sher’s star continues to rise, his art remains a compelling investment opportunity for collectors seeking to add a touch of his artistic brilliance to their portfolios.

To discover more about Alex Sher and his captivating underwater photography, you can visit his Instagram page at: https://www.instagram.com/alexsher.art/. His Instagram account showcases a stunning collection of his works, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and updates on upcoming exhibitions and projects.

For a more comprehensive view of Alex’s portfolio and to explore his artistic vision in depth, be sure to visit his official website: https://www.alexsher.art/. There, you can immerse yourself in his captivating underwater reflections, learn more about his artistic journey, and find information about upcoming exhibitions and opportunities to acquire his unique artworks.

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