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The Flash: Michael Keaton Batman action figure revealed by Hot Toys

The Flash: Michael Keaton Batman action figure revealed by Hot Toys

Collectors, heads up. A great new life-like figure for Michael Keaton’s Batman from The Flash is about to be released through Hot Toys.

After 31 years, Batman finally returns again. Although some feel that Val Kilmer’s turn as the Dark Knight in Batman Forever is somewhat underrated, Michael Keaton was certainly missed as he just owned that role. It cannot be overstated how much Keaton and Tim Burton reinvented Batman in the eyes of the public. It’s taken for granted now, but in 1989, when Batman was still seen as campy, and the casting of Keaton was controversial, once the movie finally dropped, so did everyone’s jaws.

A big reason The Flash is highly anticipated is because the movie features the long overdue return of Michael Keaton in the role. And with this event, also comes the return of the merchandising, which was also big for the 1989 classic as the Batman symbol was almost literally everywhere. Hell, it’s one of the reasons Jack Nicholson could’ve retired from acting after the first Batman, since he secured a percentage of the sales. CBM now gives us a look at the new life-accurate action figure of Michael Keaton in the cowl and cape from The Flash.

The figure comes from the company Hot Toys. The official Instagram account just released details on the new figure. Their official announcement reads,
“As we count down the days to Michael Keaton’s return as Batman in The Flash, Hot Toys is excited to launch the new collection series based on the movie by introducing a truly stunning 1/6th scale Batman (Modern Suit) collectible figure. Make sure to pre-order and receive the First Edition Exclusive Accessory – Batman Cowl with Stand – for extended display.

The movie-accurate figure captured Michael Keaton as Batman in his Modern Suit from The Flash in one-sixth scale with exquisite details delicately and beautifully restored. Features a newly developed Bruce Wayne head sculpt and a Batman cowled head with interchangeable lower faces, both heads come with separate rolling eyeballs system for angle adjustments. The specialized body highlights Batman’s muscular form also allows great articulation, a highly detailed Batsuit and interchangeable fabric bat capes to replicate the texture detail, signature Bat gadgets including line launcher, rope attached batarang, ninja wheels, remote, bomb timer, and a specially designed LED lighted display stand with Batman logo to set up your own Batcave.

The First Edition exclusively includes a Batman cowl with stand as bonus accessory. It’s a superb collectible for fans of the Dark Knight!”

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